Our Story

We are Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, Sons and Daughters fighting to keep our farms in our families. We are hard working folks who believe in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. Farming is our way of life.

The Shenandoah Valley is ideally suited for raising animals on pasture. Much of the ground is too rocky for tilling, but the soil is rich and the rain is abundant, so the native grasses grow quickly. Many places require up to 70 acres per cow but in our lush valley it can take as little as two.

Our beautiful valley is heaven on earth. The sun rises over the Blue Ridge and sets over the Alleghany Mountains. Greenery ascends up the tree-covered Massanutten Mountain in the Spring. As you walk the fields you hear the gobble of the wild turkey, and see the dogwood and redbud in bloom. As planting begins you see the patchwork pattern of fields. As summer arrives you smell the honeysuckle in bloom and freshly mowed hay. When the hot summer sun pounds down, corn grows tall in the fields, as kids prepare their FFA and 4-H projects for the county fair. As the days grow shorter and the air grows cooler, there is the anticipation of harvest. A wonderful blaze of color descends down Massanutten as the trees turn yellow, orange, and red. When the snow arrives, so do the baby calves. There is nothing better than to crest the top of a hill and see a mother cow tending to her newborn calf.

Sadly, if we do not farm this land, it will be sold to the highest bidder. The beauty will be lost forever to urban sprawl: stores, parking lots, or sub-divisions. This very real threat is why our farm families work from sunrise to sunset caring for the land and livestock, 365 days a year.

Many of our farmers are descended from families with three hundred years of stewardship to this valley. Our blood, sweat and tears have flavored the soil. We are blessed to be able to live in the palm of God’s hand and take pride in the ability to produce a product that nourishes our nation. We want to pass that blessing on to our kids, grandkids, and their grandkids.

We live at the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. Here, clear mountain streams tumble their way down the valley through rocky paths winding their way to the Atlantic Ocean. We believe in protecting our natural resources. We pledge a continued stewardship of the natural resources that provide beauty and sustenance. We produce our beef in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

We pledge to leave this piece of earth a little better than we found it as we pass it to the next generation. It is the faith of our forbearers, the optimism for the present, and the promise of a brighter future.

Raising your dinner… is our way of life. Thank you for supporting the Shenandoah Valley Beef Co-Op.

—   Terry Sager, Chairman, Shenandoah Valley Beef Co-Op (SVBC)