Our Beef

Is a hamburger just a hamburger? Are all steaks the same? We certainly don’t think so. We started the Shenandoah Valley Beef Co-Op (SVBC) because we recognize that not all beef is raised the same way. As a result not all beef offers the same nutritional, environmental, or economic benefits for our immediate community.

Natural Methods

How is the beef raised? Are the cows and land treated respectfully? The farmer members of SVBC have different approaches individually but together we all support natural methods when it comes to raising beef.

Supporting Our Local Economy

We believe SVBC strengthens our local economy because it keeps more dollars here in the Valley. Farmers who join SVBC have more local venues to sell their beef. As a result SVBC farm families can better protect our farmland from development. We thank you for purchasing our beef and supporting our local food economy.