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Terry Sager            Windy Willow Farm              Mt. Crawford, Virginia

“One of our goals is to get value added to our product to sustain the family farm. You want it to succeed and grow, so your kids will want to take over one day.” — Terry Sager, Windy Willow Farm

Terry and his wife Jane have been raising beef cattle for over three decades. They manage 250 acres for their over 70 cow-calf pairs.  They also run a poultry operation that produces over 2 million eggs a year. Terry has served as the Shenandoah Valley Beef Cooperative’s chairman since its inception in 2009. Their cattle are raised natural without antibiotics, added hormones, or animal byproducts. The Sagers have adopted several best management practices (BMPs) to protect water quality and health of their herd. These practices include rotational grazing, exclusion fencing, and winter feeding barn to capture manure.