Tad Williams

Red Acres Farm      Broadway, VA

“I think that we can learn a lot of life’s lessons by observing what has happened in the past and looking at what the results have been from our actions.” — Tad Williams, Red Acres Farm

 “Red Acres Farm” gets its name from Tad’s grandfather who’s nickname was Red. “It was meant to honor the values and traditions of farming I learned when I was younger”, says Tad. Today it comprises about 40 acres and 15 cow-calf pairs between two rented farms in Broadway and Elkton.

Williams, like his grandfather, is no-nonsense. He returned to farming after college graduation. Tad manages the farm with the support of his wife Erin. He hopes that his two sons, might have an interest in farming, too.

Williams Farm is a “cow-calf” operation. This means that the farm keeps a breeding herd of beef cattle. The farm cares for the calves until they are old enough to be weaned and sold.

Although Tad considers himself a traditional person, he has implemented some newer farming practices. For example, he practices rotational grazing, moving the cattle to fresh pasture on a scheduled basis. He also installed fencing to keep cattle out of the stream bank, which is healthier for the cattle and the watershed.

Tad is a family man. “I believe that it’s family that makes communities really strong and vibrant. I think that helping each other out makes for a better community for everyone..”

“I enjoy farming and I obviously enjoy being outdoors and working the cows, and just being around them.  One of my big things I want to be able to pass on to my sons, is an awareness of where their food comes from” — Tad Williams, Red Acres Farm