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Raising Your Dinner is Our Way of Life

We believe flavorful meat starts with the spirit of the soil. Our Valley’s soil comes from heavy mountain rain, the lush growth of native grasses, and generations of family farmers. For over a hundred years men and women offered their blood, sweat, and tears to work in harmony with our rich land. Today we work just as tirelessly to protect our beautiful Valley vistas and natural resources.

We are committed to providing customers with beef that is: locally raised; environmentally friendly; humanely produced; fresh and delicious.

Our guiding philosophies – from raising animals humanely to protecting natural resources– ensure the meat you enjoy at dinner makes a positive contribution to our community. Thank you for supporting the Shenandoah Valley Beef Cooperative.

Our Story

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We are hard working folks who still believe in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. We are fighting to keep our farms in our families. Read more.

Our Farmers

We’re descendants of Revolutionary War-era farmers and passionate newcomers. All of us are dedicated to producing healthier food and a healthier local food system. Read more.

Our Beef

Choosing our delicious beef at these fine retailers does more than provide a satisfying meal. Learn why natural production processes are better for you and how purchasing local beef strengthens everyone in the Valley.